Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney with Specific Experience in Brain Injury?

April 28th, 2017

The victim of a Traumatic Brain Injury in Florida has suffered one of the most complex and potentially devastating injuries the human body can sustain. His or her family faces an uphill road to an uncertain recovery. Medical bills will be astronomical. And lost wages can make just covering today’s necessities a challenge.

Brain injury lawyers understand the challenges, medically, financially and emotionally. Hiring an attorney experienced in handling brain injuries is vital. I have access to the legal and medical experts that are often critical to understanding an injury and its potential long-term medical complications. And I can often assist clients in ensuring they are receiving the proper medical treatment and care – including rehabilitative care.

In fact, rehabilitative care is the most critical part of treatment after a patient is stabilized in the initial 72 hours. It is rehabilitation that will often determine the extent of recovery. Unfortunately, insurance companies too often try to duck responsibility when it comes to funding the necessary rehabilitative care. The problems are only exacerbated if long-term nursing care becomes a necessity.

An attorney specifically experienced in representing clients with brain injury will have the medical and legal experience necessary to deal with the doctors, opposing lawyers and insurance companies;  to help you seek the medical care you need and deserve, and to negotiate your case for settlement or prepare it for trial. I am a member of the North American Brain Injury Society and other organizations that help ensure I remain on the leading edge of the medical research and case law in the field.

The National Institutes of Health reports 1.7 million people will suffer a brain injury this year – ranging from a mild concussion to a penetrating head wound.  The results can have mild to severe impact on cognitive ability, including thinking, sensation, language and emotion. Traumatic Brain Injury can also lead to other serious health conditions, including epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Insurance companies and their attorneys understand the potential liability. They will assemble an experienced defense team. And they will often move for a quick settlement – even bringing a check to your home or hospital room, often claiming it is the maximum amount available under the policy limits. Don’t give any statements to insurance companies or their lawyers. Don’t sign any documents. And don’t accept any payment until speaking with an experienced Florida catastrophic injury attorney. A reputable lawyer will dispatch a team to speak with you, at home or in the hospital, free of charge.

Determining the potential for long-term medical complications and your long-term prognosis will be among the most critical aspects of your case; another reason why specific experience in brain injury law counts when it comes to hiring the right attorney in Florida. The federal government puts the average lifetime cost of a severe head injury at $2 million. Much of that will be current and future medical care. Understanding your long-term costs, and accurately estimating the resources necessary to provide proper care, will be among the most critical aspects of your case.

If a loved one suffers a serious brain injury, please consult with a Florida attorney experienced in handling TBI cases right away. The long-term financial well-being of you and your family depends upon it.

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