Tampa Bay Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall AttorneysIt’s unlikely most residents of southern states have had much experience with icy roads. But the lack of practice there doesn’t mean that there isn’t the possibility to hurt yourself in a trip and fall accident. In fact, the large number of boats, cleaning solutions left by an unwitting work or any other number of possibilities could cause an incident.

But it can be a lot more than clumsiness, and while those with mobility issues or older Americans may be more prone to it, it’s no laughing matter. Broken limbs or spinal cord injuries can make what looks like physical comedy be anything but a joke.

The problem for many people is that their first thought is to save face. It’s similar to the men and women who trip in a crack and then check their watches to give the appearance of just taking a break from a jog. If you’re injured, you could be tempted to just walk it off.

Whether you are fresh out of college or receiving Medicare benefits, it may not be that simple. Injuries can be extensive and you may feel like you have no opportunities for redress whether you have a knee injury, shoulder damage or worse.

The thing is, other people are responsible for making it safe to be on their property. In a store, this means that spills are cleaned up and the roads aren’t slick. Towns and cities should be able to keep their sidewalks free from irregularities. And boat and ship owners need to keep the decks free from debris.

We’ll talk in this section about the responsibilities of property owners in more depth, as well as what you need to know in order to have the most success in getting help for your medical care and other needs.