Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing Home Abuse LawyersNursing homes, assisted living facilities and other senior living options in Florida are usually rife with the potential for abuse for two major reasons: one, state officials generally only review a facility for several days and there is not much federal oversight for assisted living facilities in particular. The other is that elderly Americans may find it difficult to communicate their concerns, especially if they have age-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

It is not just the quality of care, but the requirements of a facility that it remain up to local construction codes, and provide staff properly trained in a variety of first aid and safety measures. It can be just as dangerous as the truthful tales of aides who overmedicate, underfeed or outright abuse elderly loved ones who can no longer care for themselves.

We plan on listing the major warning signs, such as ones relating to financial issues or even the appearance of a loved one. But it requires diligence from younger family members, as the Senate Special Committee estimates there may be as many as 5 million victims annually, of which just one in six is ever reported.

In addition to any potential criminal charges, family members who have seen an aging parent or grandparent mistreated may also consider a personal injury lawsuit against a facility and any employees related to the conduct.

There can be a multitude of questions about licensing requirements, negligence, and how to put a stop to the practice once it can be detected. At my firm, I’m dedicated to helping family members of all ages choose the right step to protect their loved ones and obtain damages in the event of a personal injury. Learn more below about the laws that govern the treatment of nursing home and assisted living facility residents.