Product Liability Attorney in Tampa, Florida

Product Liability AttorneysWarranties supposedly protect companies from liability if their product doesn’t work. It does not mean much to you or your loved ones if one of those products causes an injury, or worse.   It’s not a case of “wanting something done right the first time,” but something more serious: how to deal with an event that could change how you live the rest of your life.

It’s easy to think of things with blades like lawn mowers or shears, or electrically-powered objects as the chief causes of product liability cases.   But anything that hinges, involves weighty parts or a wide variety of other characteristics have the ability to cause damage to people.   Most properly designed household and consumer products are made so that you don’t have to worry about these issues.

No one anticipated any of the massive automotive recalls, either.   And the fact of the matter is that product liability can stem from the design, manufacture or quality control of the items you use each day.   Finding out what items have hurt others and learning how to protect yourself is part of what this firm aims to do in this blog over the span of several upcoming posts.

The other principal goal is to show that what might be funny on a late night talk show may not be an accurate depiction of reality.   Jokes about personal injury cases ignore key facts about product liability, like what the user’s role was and the harm they may have suffered.   It doesn’t fit the joke, but we still need to erase the stigma when a product fails and you’re the one hurt.