Florida Brain Injury Lawyers Typically Take Cases on a Contingency Basis

May 15th, 2017

The financial and emotional costs of a Florida brain injury can be overwhelming.  The lifetime cost of care for a patient who suffers a serious traumatic brain injury is $4 million, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Lawyer Consulting With PatientFar from uncommon, brain injuries have reached near epidemic proportions in this country – with 2 million cases diagnosed each year.  About 100,000 patients will be left with lasting disabilities.

Typically caused by a car accident, fall, sporting accident or assault, a traumatic brain injury quickly turns a family’s lives upside down. A loved one is hospitalized with an uncertain future – and what is bound to be a long and difficult recovery at best.  What are the options for long-term and rehabilitative care? How will you deal with the overwhelming costs? What about lost wages? What if your insurance carrier limits coverage or refuses to cover the cost?

These are questions for an experienced Florida brain injury attorney. Choosing a law firm experienced in handling catastrophic injury cases is critical – such firms have the knowledge, experienced, resources and relationships with the medical and legal experts necessary to protect your rights and the financial well-being of you and your family.

A reputable firm will agree to visit you at home or in the hospital room.  Too often, a family sees the selection of an attorney as an overwhelming chore to be delayed. In reality, you are calling in a professional support team who understands the issues as well as the doctors and insurance companies. An advocate who will be by your side.

Best of all, you should not have to pay this experienced team a dime unless you win a recovery.  The best law firms will take your Florida brain injury case on a contingency fee basis – meaning they will collect costs and a percentage of the award, which may be months or even years down the road.  In fact, the Florida Bar has pre-determined percentage levels of compensation attorneys can legally charge to take cases on a contingency basis.   If they are not successful on your behalf, you won’t pay them anything for all the work and expense associated with your case.

An experienced brain injury law firm brings much to the table and will incur all costs associated with building your case, including:

  • An understanding of the treatment and rehabilitative options.
  • The ability to deal with doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and lawyers on your behalf.
  • The hiring of expert witnesses.
  • Preparation of exhibits for trial.
  • Thorough investigation of medical records and the circumstances of injury.
  • Additional medical testing to establish diagnosis and long-term prognosis.

Those who do not seek professional legal representation are often quickly overwhelmed. Insurance companies and even hospitals understand the enormous costs and liabilities associated with such serious injury and will quickly move to limit their liability.

Struggling families too often mistakenly go along, thereby limiting or endangering their rights to make an adequate physical and financial recovery. Please don’t sign any paperwork, give any statements or accept any payments until you have an experienced Florida brain injury attorney at your side.

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